My Story

I am Susan Pinkerton and I LOVE Cosmeceuticals products! They make a difference!!

I have tried a wide variety of skin care lines over the past eight years to help diminish lines and tighten my neck! I purchased these products from an esthetician, MLM companies, upper end department stores, health food stores, essential oil companies, television infomercials, Facebook ads, Internet companies, and companies located outside of the USA. I had some good results with several of them but none of them gave me great results within only 30 minutes, except Cosmeceuticals!! Here’s my story:

Around the age of 50, in early 2010, I was shocked as I noticed that I had some wrinkles around my mouth! I was introduced to Cosmeceuticals’ Youthful Image Face Lift and LOVED it!!! I saw a dramatic difference in my skin in only about 30 minutes. Those little lines that had formed from using straws for years and years were significantly reduced! About a year or two later, I was no longer able to purchase the products from my esthetician. That began my search for a new skin care line that would have actual results. I tried over ten different skin care lines in the next six years and did not get the lasting, significant results I was searching for. I spent anywhere from around $100 to well over $1,000 on different skin care lines. Some improved my skin a fraction, and others helped but then the results didn’t last. My skin was healthy, but not looking as young as I felt! Finally, in 2017, I saw that I still had a little bit of the Cosmeceuticals Youthful Image product as well as their Oxidizing Thereapy in my stock pile. I used those two products and after seeing the results, I thought, “Why did I ever quit using these products???!!!” Then I decided I had to figure out a way to purchase these again! I had this thought that maybe I could find them on the Internet. I was so excited when I found the Cosmeceuticals International website!!

What an answer to prayer! You may think it’s all vanity, and maybe it is. However, I consider my skin to be the largest organ of my body and feel like God intended for us to care for it just as lovingly as we care for the rest of our body. After all, when Daniel fasted, the Bible tells us in Daniel 10:3, “…nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” I personally believe that Daniel, like most men these days, cared for and pampered his skin! Then of course there’s Queen Esther and the other candidates brought before King Xerxes (Ahasuerus). Esther 2:12 tells us that they all had 12 months of beauty treatments to prepare them to meet the king! Maybe they considered beautiful skin a sign of good health!

The bottom line to my story is that I did order the Cosmeceuticals products and even got reconnected to the esthetician that introduced me to the products that had gone back to Cosmeceuticals! I love these products because they do make a difference! I continue to use them faithfully. It’s my opinion that Dr. Dusty Dean has stayed true to her goal of, “We Manufacture Products Up To A Standard Not Down To A Price.”